Trial Management & Protest Protocol

Statement of Management

  1. The Championship Committee reserves the right to manage the conduct of the Championship trial in all manner which is required to achieve successful outcomes in the conduct of the State Championship trial and this is especially so in extraordinary circumstances which may arise from time to time during
    the conduct of such events.
  2. At the conclusion of the Judges last run, the handlers and their dogs which have completed all of the runs in the NSW State Championships are to remain on the trial site and in the vicinity of the last run until such time as otherwise instructed by the Trial Manager.
  3. In the event of a tie score and a run-off is required, the dog will be called three (3) times in order to participate in the run-off. If a dog is absent after being called three (3) times, the dog will be debarred from taking part in the run-off and the dog’s opportunity to finish higher in the list of awards will be relinquished.
  4. In the event of a protest, the protest will be handled as per the “Protest Protocol NSW State Championship 2019”.

Protest Protocol

Protest Handling Procedure

In the event of a protest the protest will be handled as per this Protest Handling Procedure. The Protest Committee will handle the protest through the application of the current ANKC Rules for the Conduct of Retrieving Trials for Gundogs.

  1. The handler will inform the judge of his/her intentions to lodge a protest.
  2. The handler submits in writing his/her protest accompanied by fifty dollars to the Chief Steward at the run.
  3. The run will halt and the judging will cease until this process is dealt with.
  4. The Trial Manager will be summoned by the Chief Steward to the area of the run at which the protest is being lodged so as to deal with the protest.
  5. The Trial Manager will co-ordinate the Protest Committee members so as to deal with the protest.
  6. Due to the possible unavailability of Championship/All Age judges at the championship trial which may serve on the Protest Committee, the Protest Committee will consist of three (3) members to deal with the protest from the Championship Committee membership or others present at the Championship Trial, preferably ones who are retrieving trial judges, one of which will act as main speaker for the Protest Committee. The main speaker will be selected by the three (3) Protest Committee members.
  7. The Trial Manager will select the three (3) members which may serve on the Protest Committee.
    Note: The Trial Manager may serve on the Protest Committee.
  8. The Protest Committee will establish all of the facts and concerns surrounding the protest by separately talking to the complainant(s) who lodged the protest and by talking to the judge of the trial whose action(s) and/or decision(s) are being protested.
  9. A decision to uphold or dismiss the protest will be reached by the Protest Committee, this decision is final.
  10. The Protest Committee will inform the Trial Manager of the Committee’s decision(s).
  11. The Trial Manager will advise the judge and the complainant(s) of the Protest Committee’s decision(s).
  12. The Trial Committee will inform the gallery at the run at which the protest had been lodged, of the
    protest and of the decision(s) which were reached by the Protest Committee.
  13. The run will continue.